Minimalist indie-popsters D+ were led by singer/guitarist Bret Lunsford, previously an associate from the enormously influential Olympia, Washington-based love-rock trio Defeat Taking place. While still an associate of Defeat Happening, Lunsford created his personal label, Knw-Yr-Own, to record the neighborhood music picture in his close by hometown of Anacortes; once the music group was mothballed after 1992’s You Change Me On, he came back to Anacortes to perform a mixture retail store/cafe called the business enterprise, establishing Knw-Yr-Own’s recording studio room in the rear of the building. Circa 1995 Lunsford befriended drummer Phil Elvrum, who found work at the business and helped inhale new lease of life into Knw-Yr-Own, issuing some tapes around the label; Elvrum quickly became a member of Lunsford in D+, and with the help of bassist/vocalist Karl Blau the group’s line-up was total. Their self-titled debut LP made an appearance in 1997, a joint launch between Knw-Yr-Own and K Information, the label founded by Lunsford’s onetime Defeat Happening partner Calvin Johnson; the next D+ album, Dandelion Seed products, followed a 12 months later on. Elvrum additionally performed single beneath the name the Microphones, while Blau helmed Captain Fathom.

Quick Facts

Full Name D+
Music Songs Clever Knot, Cut It Out, Rusted, Never Sense A Thing, Take You for Granted, Profits Are Soaring, Don't Worry About Me, What's Not to Fall in Love With, TSOL, Megadose, What You Won't, Blame-a-holic, My Best Day, Skin Me, I Don't Owe You Anything, Dandelion Wine, Silent Spring, I Regret Not, Manipulate Me, Sing Me To Sleep, Sound, Mistake, Better You, No Charge, What Is Doubt For?, Wishful Thinking, If Him, Pandora Balks, Blind Spot, Cotton Candy, Up and Died, His Heels
Albums Dandelion Seeds, Deception Pass, D+, What Is Doubt For?, Mistake

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