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Curzio Mancini

Italian composer Curzio Mancini began his career being a boy soprano in the church of S. Giovanni Laterano, Rome. He was there until 1567, therefore possibly offered under Palestrina, who was simply the maestro di capella at S. Giovanni until August 1560. Mancini was among several students who constructed the Missa cantantibus organis Caecilia on designs by Palestrina, therefore there is absolutely no question he was a pupil of the fantastic composer at onetime. Although his name isn’t prominent today, the information of him in esteemed positions inform that his popularity was good during his life time. He probably constructed a lot more sacred music compared to the small that survives him. In 1576, Mancini is normally documented as having arranged the Holy Week music for the Oratorio del Gonfalone in Rome basically for the feasts from the Oratory from the SS Trinit? dei Pellegrini from 1577 – 1579. Following that he continued to serve as maestro di capella within a string of consultations. First he’s within that capability at S. Maria Maggiore, Rome, from 1589 – 1591, after that at Santa Casa, Loreto, from 1592 – 1593. He had taken a short hiatus in the music movie director circuit to arrange the music for the Corpus Christi feast on the Confraternity of S. Rocco, Rome, and is found once again as maestro di capella of Madona dei Monit and of S. Pietro all’Oratorio del Gonfalone, Rome. From 1601 – 1603, he’s maestro di capella at S. Giovanni Laterano, Rome, and profits to his previous work in Loreto that same calendar year. In 1605, a published assortment of madrigals shows up in Venice. The parts are composed within a polyphonic design that had been somewhat outdated. In 1608, a reserve of sacred motets made an appearance in Rome. Finally, from 1608 – 1611, he’s once again maestro at S. Giovanni Laterano, Rome.

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