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Curtis Bahn

Located in upstate NY, Curtis Bahn is really a computer music artist, tool designer, and bassist. He’s mainly known inside pc music circles. He offers devised pc interfaces for electrical devices, notably the sensor-bass or SBass, a power upright bass built with contact and movement detectors that transmit data via a MIDI user interface to a pc running audio manipulation software program like Maximum/MSP. He in addition has co-developed the usage of spherical loudspeakers and loudspeaker arrays in shows of live digital music. His 1st solo CD arrived on EMF in 2000 and he’s an associate of User interface. Bahn is a tuned jazz bassist. He offers analyzed with Stuart Sankey, Edgar Meyer, Murray Grodner, Barry Greene, and Marc Johnson through the 1970s. In 1979, he received the Mingus Honor from your International Culture of Bassists. He spent some time working with Rashied Ali and saxophonist Expenses Evans, amongst others, but his profession didn’t break outside a particular local position and his fascination with standard jazz efficiency declined within the 1980s. Therefore he considered the computer, by using Paul Lansky, who was simply one of is own primary instructors during his PhD research in music structure at Princeton College or university. From 1986 to 1993, Bahn proved helpful as Technical Movie director of the guts for Pc Music of the town University of NY. He later trained at Columbia College or university, NYU, Princeton, and CUNY, before obtaining a tenure as an associate teacher at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. On the iEAR studios there, he completed developing his primary task: the SBass. It enables him to consider his electro-acoustic music from the studio room and into live improvisational framework. R!g, released in 2000 with the Electronic Music Foundation’s label EMF, includes a group of SBass improvisations. Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood, also mounted on the iEAR studios, possess released a remix recording titled ReBahn around the latter’s CDr label Wavelet. Bahn also documented a trio program with Smallwood and shakuhachi participant Joel Taylor for the same label. With violinist Dan Trueman (playing the altered RBow) and didgeridoo participant Perry Make (on DigitalDoo) he produced the sensor/loudspeaker array program SenSAs. Trueman and Bahn also performed because the duo User interface from the past due ’90s; their 1st album arrived in 2001 on Biking ’74. User interface devised the overall performance piece “Pikapika” for dancer Tomie Hahn, whose outfit includes a range of movement detectors and loudspeakers.

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