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b. Robert Tubb, Chichester, Western Sussex, Britain. ‘The name Cursor Miner is basically because I wish to unearth brand-new sounds from the info rock encounter, ’ Tubb described in Flux mag, of his music producing alter ego, ‘I’m utilizing a cursor because the drill.’ He provides released music for the Intolerable, Uncharted Sound and Lo Recordings brands in addition to adding to Noodles’ THE ENTIRE Death Of Great compilation, a neologistic collection designed as an outright rejection of expected notions of great. The (notebook) musician provides accepted an infatuation with Gary Numan’s ‘Vehicles’ and on his 2002 debut Explosive LITTLE BIT OF Brain juxtaposed such 80s-motivated synth-pop with psychedelia, rock and roll and hardcore digitalia. Alternately dystopian and utopian, Explosive LITTLE BIT OF Mind drew assessment to Beck, Visage, the Human being League and also Syd Barrett. Tubb statements his intentionally drab, curiously British vocal design – often in comparison to Barrett – is definitely a rsulting consequence needing to sing silently to circumvent issues from his neighbours. On ‘Remote control Control’, he eulogized labour conserving devices for shutting curtains, locking doorways, repeating videos, looking at the contents of the fridge and purchasing chocolates eclairs from a reclining placement. Other tracks just sounded as though such technology was operating amok. ‘Bodily Features’ coalesced digital farts and squelches and spurts into bizarre, dysfunctional electro pop. ‘Like DNA’ discovered a interested midpoint between your Aphex Twin and Madness. The writer of lines like ‘Wrapping tongue motionless lasagne/Bulging and celibate they gleam/Humidify your horny gremlins/Gash tanker hamstring by no means been’ (‘By no means Been Seen’) offers professed that he’d like his lyrics to become ‘some sort of communication from your own inner brain’. Perversely, nevertheless, Tubb also admits he wants his words to become both ‘abstract and meaningless’. Explosive LITTLE BIT OF Brain was judged from the Wire magazine to become ‘Essentially a analysis from the cumulative outward indications of press overload.’ Tubb, asserted the journal, sounded as though he was speaking from encounter. Tubb continued to record two even more albums for the Lo label that pursued exactly the same dark digital vibe as his debut. The unhinged majesty of ‘Me And My Clone’ (from 2005’s Takes on God) produced the Syd Barrett referrals explicit. Exactly the same recording’s ‘The Sport Of Kings’ was a far more straightforward electro pop tune and directed just how towards 2007’s Danceflaw, which the musician ironed out a few of his wilder tendencies to make a seamless dance traditional. Tubb can be a observed remixer, enjoying membership achievement in 2005 along with his mixture of Temposhark’s ‘Small White Rest’.

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