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Curl Up and Die


Todas las Vegas-based metalcore device RELAX and Pass away formed from your ashes of two additional rings, Shelflife and THE FINISH. After enduring the most common round of preliminary lineup shifts, the brand new task solidified around guitarists Matt Fuchs and Ryan Hartery, bassist Geoff Bergman, vocalist Mike Minnick, and drummer Jesse Fitts. The self-released THE ONLY REAL Good Bug Is really a Deceased Bug EP made an appearance in 2000, and was quickly purchased by Position; a 7″ for the label adopted, as do an attention-getting 2001 tour. Revelation loved what it noticed — it authorized the band to some multi-album deal. Nevertheless, before anything could possibly be documented both Bergman and Hartery departed. Undeterred, Fuchs, Fitts, and Minnick released Curl Up’s punishing Revelation debut in-may 2002 using the LP Regrettably We’re Not really Robots. Bassist Gavan Nelson became a member of the band immediately after. RELAX and Die came back in 2003 with two EPs, April’s WE ARE ABLE TO Become Through With days gone by… (Position) as well as the Oct companion, However the Past ISN’T Through AROUND. The releases additional showcased the band’s split, technically effective, and completely thrashing sound.

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Full Name Curl Up and Die
Music Songs God Is In His Heaven, All Is Right With The World, You'd Be Cuter If I Shot You In The Face, Ted Nugent Goes AOL, An Uncomfortable Routine, Antidepressants Are Depressing, I Hate Almost Every Person I Come In Contact With, On The Run From Johnny Law Ain't No Trip To Cleveland, Hella Vegas Kids Say Hella, There Ain't No CAN'T in AmeriCAN, And Then The Robots Killed, 100 M.P.H. Vomit Dedicated To Jon, There Is Never Enough Time To Do Nothing, Ultra Carb Diet Carpooling Stupid Fucking Life, I'm Trying To Fly To The Moon Using Two Magnets And Willpower., Make Like A Computer And Get With The Program, Nuclear Waste Bring That Shit, Kissing You Is Like Licking An Ashtray, Doctor Doom, A Man Of Science, Doesn't Believe In Jesus, Why The Fuck Do You, Absolute Denial Of The Ultimate Nullifier, Zero MPH Fallover, If This Band Thing Doesn't Pan Out We're Joining The Army, Total Pandemonium, Blood Mosh Hips Hair Lips Pills Fuck Death, China Part Breakdown, Nest Of The Face Hugger, Damn Girl, That Shit Is Deep Like The Ocean, Utah: The Whoopie Cushion Of America, Proclaimed Bat Hunter, I Lost My Job To A Machine, The One Above All, The End Of All That Is., If I Wanted Shit Out of You I'd Squeeze Your Neck, I Don't Give A Shit If I'm In Outer Darkness, I'll Make Friends
Albums Unfortunately, We're Not Robots, The One Above All, the End of All That Is, We May Be Through With the Past..., But The Past Ain't Through With Us, The Only Good Bug Is a Dead Bug, 1998

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