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Criterion Quartet

Shaped in the mid-1900s for documenting sessions with various brands including Edison and Columbia Details and Edison, this vocal group’s probable first line-up was initially tenor Robert R. Rainey, second tenor William A. Washburn, baritone Reinald Werrenrath, who set up the group, and bass Walter A. Downie. Employees changes over time brought in performers such as for example Harvey Hindermeyer, Frank Mellor, John Youthful, who occasionally utilized the name Harry Anthony and got a successful single profession, Horatio Rench, George W. Reardon, Donald Chalmers and Lewis Adam, an astonishingly prolific single recording artist who’s acknowledged with some 3, 000 edges. Among this group’s recordings is certainly ‘Small Tommy Proceeded to go A Angling’, a favorite achievement, ‘Honey Babe’, ‘Annie Laurie’, ‘When The Corn Is certainly Waving’, ‘The Musical Trust’ and ‘My Gal Sal’. Carrying on in to the early 20s, for Edison’s Gemstone Disk label the quartet produced ‘Humming’; for Victor Information they produced ‘Bring Back again My Bonnie To Me’, ‘Old-Time Religious beliefs’, ‘Some Blessed Time’ and ‘De Coppah Moon’; for Columbia they documented ‘While The Years Move By’, ‘Drifting Down’ and ‘It DISCOVERED A Midnight Crystal clear’. The quartet also followed single singers, frequently those performing traditional music. These recordings had been usually issued beneath the name from the single designer, who included Anna Case, Marie Rappold, Frieda Hempel, Olive Kline and Hulda Lashanska. Occasionally, the group utilized the name Criterion Man Quartet; when saving for Brunswick Information they utilized the second option name and in addition were referred to as the Strand Quartet. Among well-known recordings was ‘Small Cotton Dolly’, documented in both acoustic and electrical eras, and ‘Unclouded Day time’. In the middle-20s the group made an appearance on radio, notably on Roxy’s Gang, an assortment display hosted by Samuel L. ‘Roxy’ Rothafel. Because of this engagement, the group became referred to as the Roxy Quartet, occasionally the Roxy Man Quartet. During this time period the quartet’s staff remained remarkably steady with Youthful, Reardon and Mellor still readily available, with newcomer Fred Thomas, bass. The quartet continuing working in to the early 30s.

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