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The Criminalz certainly are a group formed from three heavyweight West Coastline rappers: Celly Cel, Spice 1, and Jayo Felony. They’ve just released one recording, even though Jayo Felony shows up all around the recording, just Celly Cel and Spice 1 produced the cover for reasons uknown (probably they never actually met one another?). The purpose of this recording was to make a supergroup of hard Western Coastline rappers by way of a handful of record brands in California.

Quick Facts

Full Name Criminalz
Music Songs Niggaz Like Us, What They Hittin' Fo?, Reminisce, The Real World, My Life, Rollin' Wit My Folks, Lockdown, Doin' It Big, Ridaz, Puttin' In Work
Albums Criminal Activity

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