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Created in 1991 by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Anton Reisenegger (who experienced previously fronted a hugely influential underground strap known by the favorite metallic moniker of Pentagram) and lead guitarist Rodrigo Contreras, Chilean death steel band Criminal produced a statement using its very first display starting for German thrashers Kreator. 3 years later on, after two demos and today finished by bassist Juan Francisco Cueto and drummer J.J. Vallejo, Felony unleashed its 1st recording, Victimized, before getting into the band’s 1st live times outside Chile. Right now really gathering vapor (despite continual evaluations to Brazilian loss of life gods Sepultura), the music group brought in fresh drummer Jimmy Ponce for 1996’s Live Disorder EP and 1997’s broadly acclaimed Dead Spirit LP, that was consequently licensed world-wide by Metal Knife Records. This successful relationship later on yielded another live launch (1998’s oddly called Slave Grasp), 2000’s cheerily called Cancer, and, following a tactical relocation to European countries, 2004’s more initial No Gods No Experts, introducing new users Tag Royce (keyboards) and Zac O’Neil (drums). The hard-hitting Sicario decreased in 2005, adopted in ’09 2009 by Light Hell, and in 2011 by Akelarre. Dread Itself, the band’s 8th studio long participant, premiered in 2016.

Quick Facts

Awards People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Crime Drama, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Writing in a Dramatic Series
Music Songs Hijos De La Miseria, New Disorder, The Ghost We Summoned, Alma Muerta, Por la fuerza de la razón, Slave Master, Animals to Gods, Bastardom, 21st Century Paranoia, Life Is Agony, The Land God Forgot, Touch of Filth, El Azote, Self Destruction, Eyes of Temptation, Order From Chaos, White Hell, Mobrule, Nation Of Hate, Shot in the Face, Preacher of Hate, Savagery, Deep in the Rot, Carne Molida, Sons of Cain, Summoning the Apocalypse, The Power of the Dog, Feel the Void, Collide, Trip On XTC, Resistance Is Futile, Who Made You God
Albums Victimized, Dead Soul, White Hell, Sicario, Live Disorder, Akelarre, No Gods No Masters, Slave Master Live, Fear Itself, On The Go EP, Cancer, Slave Master (Dead Soul LP), The Origin Of Music / 3, Bedroom Lab Vol. 4, LOOP FOURTEEN, Tech It Now! VOL.11

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