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Crest of Darkness


While simultaneously creating a name for himself in Norwegian progressive metallic music group Conception, bassist/guitarist/vocalist Ingar Amlien started a dark metallic side task called Crest of Darkness with keyboardist Lars Christian Narum and drummer Nils H. Maehlum. The trio released 1996’s Quench My Thirst EP and 1997’s Sinister Situation LP in quick succession. For his or her third work (and 1st since Conception’s separation), 1999’s The Ogress, Crest of Darkness extended to some quintet that also presented vocalist Kristin Fjellseth, keyboardist Jan Petter Ringvold, and previous Conception drummer Arve Heimdal. Even more changes had been waiting for you for 2000’s aptly called Project Regeneration, like the entrance of brand-new guitarist Akke as well as the band’s initial live dates. Following a protracted silence, CoD had been back again to a trio (Amlien, Akke, and drummer Kjetil Hektoen) for 2004’s Bad Knows Evil.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Luciferian Light, Welcome the Dead, Under the Sign of the Horned God, A Place With No Memories, In the Presence of Death, The Ogress, Recall the Earth, My Black Bride, Quench My Thirst, Hominis Nocturna, Demon Child, Sinister Scenario, Death and Pleasure, Druj Nasu, Sweet Scent of Death, Inexplicable Bloodthirstiness, On a Sea of Darkness, The Priest from Hell, Welcome to My Funeral, Warhead 666, Two Thousand years, Give Us the Power to Do Your Evil, I Love Your Pallid Skin, This World Is Mine, Crossing The Gates Of Hell, Cadavergod, Chosen by the Devil, Eucharist, Beautiful Monstrocity, Lunary Souls, Sector 63s, Project Regeneration
Albums Evil Knows Evil, Welcome the Dead, Give Us the Power to Do Your Evil, In the Presence of Death, Sinister Scenario, The Ogress, Project Regeneration, Quench My Christ, Evil Messiah, Quench My Thirst

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