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This satirical UK hardcore/metal quintet was formed in 1987 by vocalist Andy and guitarists Richard and Mario. By adding drummer Roy and bass participant Tally, they agreed upon to the indie Jungle label. Their amusingly entitled debut noticed chainsaw guitars collide with machine-gun drumming, as the lyrics handled contemporary issues such as for example television evangelists, intimate perverts, youth anxieties and warmongers. Hardly ever big on subtlety, Creaming Jesus, whose name alone was more than enough to send out the weak-hearted into apoplexy, suffered a rudimentary skill more than a succession of albums.

Quick Facts

Full Name Creaming Jesus
Music Songs Celebrity Cannibalism, Bloody Collar, Temple of Love, Song for Ari, Too Fat to Run, Too Stupid to Hide, The Skinny Head Fuck, I Lost My Faith, Temple of Shite, Shape Shifting and Face Dancing, Bathtime for Jim, Stray Toasters, River Techa, This Charming Man, Skinny Head, Transcendental Maggot, Filthy Pervert Meets the Listening Nun, Geggy Moon - Window Fighter, Eggy Rare, Charlie Jumps the Bandwagon, Tales of the Riverbank, Lighten Up, Roadman / Synaethesia, A Forest, Dis-Ease, Reptile, Bathtime Too, What the Harpy Said, Hate You, Reptile / Faith, Charlie, Lillies, Wonderful World
Albums Chaos for the Converted, Too Fat to Run Too Stupid to Hide, Nailed Up for Nothing, Guilt by Association, Headrush, Ditch Dweller V... The Story Continues, Dead Time, Bark, Mug, The End of an Error, It's Dance Magic!, Hamburg

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