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An enigmatic guitarist and singer, Coupé Cloué acquired this nickname (translated as “kickout”) from his prowess over the soccer field. He’s well-known, or rather notorious, for his lyrics filled with sexual double-entendres, lengthy “raps” which range from risqué to intimate, and public satire. His “compas mamba” (peanut compas) appear very African, using a electric guitar style resembling Western world African highlife and the usage of Cuban bongo drums and bamboo pipes used sticks as well as the regular conga and drum package. Showing up on many record covers putting on African clothes, Coupé Cloué, along with his shaved mind, cuts a stunning figure. This might explain why he was presented with the name “Le Roi” (the ruler) when he performed within the Ivory Coastline, Western Africa, in 1975. Of all electric Caribbean rings, Coupé Cloué gets the most powerful African sound, which ultimately shows the effectiveness of his origins, for he statements he never noticed African music before his 1975 trip. Boy Haiti: Greatest of Coupe Cloue premiered in 1999 by Arcade.

Quick Facts

Full Name Coupé Cloué
Died January 29, 1998, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Profession Musician, Football player
Music Songs Myan Myan, Ti Tèt, Min Rat La, Sociss, Marie Jocelyne, Amonize, International / Cole Cole, Roi Coupe, Full Tank, Tu Peux Mettre, Mon Compe/Ti Bom, Map Di, Leogane, Donki, Map Marie, 5 Continents, Ayiti, Bel Mariage, Kiliboi, Fanm Kolokinte, Azoukenkeng, Net Al Cole, Anba Bannan', Zandolito, Saint Antoine, Madan Marcel, Louloune, Femme Ce Poto Fe, Move Job, Chita Tande, Souvenir D'Enfance, Bel Ti Ange
Albums Maximum Compas from Haiti, Disque, D'or Vol. 4, La Legende Live, Disque D'or, Vol. 2, Absolument, En Boléro, Disque D'or, Vol. 3, Ensemble Select à New York, Disque d'Or, Map Di, Back To Roots, The World Of, 40 leme Ainniversaire le Roi Coupe Cloue, The Best of Coupé Cloué, Vol. 3, The Preacher, Sa ki pou ou (36 ans après... Réédition), Couci - Couca, Coupé-Cloué : 25ème anniversaire, L'essentiel, Bel mariage, Roi coupé cloué, Full Tank - EP, Racines - EP, Femme Ce Poto Fe, 5 Continents, Malingio, The Best of Coupé Cloué, Vol. 1, Le Roi Coupe Cloue A Paris, Best bal coupe cloue, The Best of Coupé Cloué, Vol. 4, Djo ak ti djo map di, The Best of Coupé Cloué, Vol. 2

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