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The Constantines first rocked their way to avoid it of Guelph, Ontario, in 1999, with Bryan Webb and Steve Lambke on vocals and guitar; bassist Dallas Wehrle; keyboardist Will Kidman; and drummer Doug McGregor. By 2001, the quintet experienced relocated to Toronto and released their preliminary, eponymous full-length. The album’s natural, moody mixture of arty dub-punk with trad rock and roll energy and pop perspectives was instantly and roundly embraced. The Constantines was nominated for any Best Alternative Recording Juno award and topped the faculty radio charts both in Canada and America. The music group toured thoroughly through 2002 and released the present day Sinner Nervous Guy EP (Suicide Press) in Apr of that 12 months. By summer time 2003, the Constantines’ continuous touring and common critical acclaim experienced built up a significant buzz; when Sparkle a Light decreased from Sub Play August, it just made that racquet louder. The music group stayed on the highway through October of this 12 months. After spending a lot of 2004 touring and documenting, the Constantines resurfaced in 2005 with Competition of Hearts. The music group relocated to Arts & Crafts for 2008’s subtler Kensington Heights.

Quick Facts

Died May 22, 337 AD, Nicomedia
Nationality Roman, Byzantine
Spouse Fausta, Minervina
Children Constantius II, Constantine II, Constans, Crispus, Constantina, Helena
Parents Helena, Constantius Chlorus
Siblings Julius Constantius, Flavia Julia Constantia, Flavius Dalmatius, Eutropia, Anastasia
Music Songs Young Lions, Soon Enough, Working Full-Time, I Will Not Sing a Hateful Song, Nighttime/Anytime, Islands in the Stream, St. You, Hard Feelings, Sub-Domestic, Our Age, National Hum, Long Distance Four, Time Can Be Overcome, Young Offenders, Hotline Operator, Trans Canada, Draw Us Lines, Thank You for Sending Me an Angel, Insectivora, Brother Run Them Down, On to You, Shower of Stones, Lizaveta, Goodbye Baby & Amen, Hyacinth Blues, Some Party, Scoundrel Babes, You Are a Conductor, No Ecstasy, Little Instruments, Love in Fear, To the Lullabies
Albums Kensington Heights, Constantines Play Young/Unintended Play Lightfoot, Tournament of Hearts, Shine a Light, The Modern Sinner Nervous Man, Constantines, Too Slow for Love, S/T, Nighttime Anytime
Nominations Saturn Award for Best Horror Film, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Scream Scene, Golden Trailer Award for Best Horror/Thriller

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