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Connie Cato

b. 30 March 1955, Bethalte, East St. Louis, Missouri, USA. A vocalist and guitarist, Cato produced several well-known singles within the 70s. Her tracks had been slanted towards nation music although in addition they had an attract the wider viewers. Her 1974 debut for Capitol Information included the small US country strikes ‘Superskirt’, ‘Super Kitten’ and ‘Lincoln Autry’. The follow-up Great Hearted Female included her biggest strike, a edition of Timi Yuro’s ‘Harm’ that reached quantity 14 within the graphs. The minor strikes ‘Yes’, ‘Who Desires A Slightly Utilized Female’, ‘I Like A Beautiful Man’, ‘Right here Shows up That Rainy Day time Feeling Once again’, ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘Don’t You Ever Obtain Tired (Of Harming Me)’ adopted between 1975 and 1977. Cato turned to MCA Information in the past due 70s, briefly time for the graphs in 1980 with ‘You Better Be quick House (Somethin’s Burnin’)’. Small is well known about Cato’s existence after 1981 and she seems to have finished her musical profession.

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