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Commander Venus

Hardly into his first yr of senior high school, Conor Oberst had other activities about his mind compared to the pressures of getting a homecoming date, evading aggressive jocks, and going to weekly football video games. Combined with the somewhat old Ben Armstrong (drums), Robb Nansel (acoustic guitar), and Todd Baechle (bass), the 14-year-old Oberst shaped Commander Venus in 1994 with himself on acoustic guitar and vocals. Slicing course and pep rallies to be able to play displays in Omaha, NE, Oberst and business got together some cash, formed the important label Saddle Creek, and released their first recording with 1995’s Perform You Feel in the home? Comparisons to SUNSHINEY DAY PROPERTY, Pavement, Pixies, and Superchunk adopted, and Commander Venus’ second recording Uneventful Holiday was issued 2 yrs later thanks to Lawn Recordings. Commander Venus disbanded prior to the 10 years ended, nevertheless, and Oberst continued to accomplish both underground and mainstream acclaim with Shiny Eyes.

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