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Probably one of the most forgotten rings from the late-’70s NY punk and new influx scene, SERIOUSLY recorded the self-released solitary “A Kitchen within the Clouds”/”Don’t Walk on your kitchen Ground,,” and arrived for the ROIR compilation Singles: THE FANTASTIC NEW YORK Singles Picture with “Disneyland.” Making use of their jagged funk-rock rhythms, spiky amelodic acoustic guitar figures, as well as the yelping, half-hysterical vocals of lead vocalist Jamie Kaufman, SERIOUSLY were probably even more like the Speaking Heads than these were to any additional major NY music group of that time period. There is also a lyrical minimalism which was in a few respects much like that of some Speaking Heads materials. The fragmented, nearly non sequitur narratives of housewives playing rugby, five-year-olds and their intimate fantasies, and “Entrepreneurs in Space” recommended, as David Byrne occasionally did, a not really entirely enchanting half-lunatic. That similarity using the Speaking Heads doesn’t proceed terribly far, nevertheless. SERIOUSLY weren’t nearly nearly as good, and certainly lacked the pop hooks how the Speaking Heads boasted a minimum of occasionally from the starting. David Byrne, properly plenty of, was a supporter from the music group and got David Bowie and Brian Eno to find out them at CBGB’s. There is a gathering with Eno where the possibility of cooperation was mooted, although evidently nothing came of this. Jamie Kaufman provides said that various other admirers from the music group included Thurston Moore, Klaus Nomi, musician Jeff Koons, professional Willem Dafoe, and functionality musician Ann Magnuson, non-e of whom had been nearly as well-known in the past due 1970s because they would become, and therefore most likely not able to help SERIOUSLY become more well-known. (Two of Arrive On’s members do go on to utilize Nomi.) The “A Kitchen within the Clouds”/”Don’t Walk on your kitchen Floor” single, as well as demos and monitors performed live at CBGB’s along with a live edition of “Disneyland,” had been assembled for the retrospective Compact disc compilation, NEW YORK 1976-80, released on Heliocentric in 1999.

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