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From Rochester, NY, USA, this eccentric outfit was led with the evidently talented but somewhat unhinged Colorblind James (b. Chuck Cuminale, 1952, Oswego, NY, USA, d. 10 July 2001, USA; vocals, vibraphone, electric guitar), with Phillip Marshall (business lead electric guitar, vocals), Bernie Heveron (bass, vocals) and Jim McAvaney (drums). Jointly they used the myriad types of UNITED STATES musical expression available to them, from nation, cocktail-lounge jazz, folk, rockabilly and blues to goodtime rock and roll ‘n’ roll, to be able to exhibit Adam’ oddball watch of the globe. It had been BBC disk jockey John Peel off who first provided them the publicity necessary to make sure they are realize these were producing a thing that an market might also enjoy. Their 1987 debut record was an eclectic function, notable because of its participating dark humour. The high stage from the collection, the sprawling ‘I’m Taking into consideration A PROCEED TO Memphis’, was similar to David Byrne’s much less self-conscious initiatives. By enough time from the release of the second record, Why MUST I OPERATE?, the line-up acquired risen to a sextet by adding John Ebert (trombone, tuba, vocals), Ken Frank (bass, violin, vocals – changing Heveron) and Dave McIntire (saxophone, clarinet, vocals). In 1990, the group reserve their electric equipment, thereby standing exposed as Colorblind Wayne And The Loss of life Valley Kids, and indulging in even more basic nation blues, gospel and jug music group music. The consequence of these classes was Strange Seems From The Cellar, which continuing Colorblind’s infatuation with the lower of modern American existence. He really do proceed to Memphis within the 90s, although his efforts to break right into the neighborhood songwriting community had been unsuccessful. He came back to NY state and continuing to release information using the Colorblind Wayne Encounter, before succumbing to some coronary attack in his pool in July 2001.

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Music Songs Considering a Move to Memphis, A Different Bob, Dance Critters, The German Girls, Why Should I Stand Up?, Fledging Circus, Why'd the Boy Throw the Clock Out the Window?, First Day of Spring, I Could Be Your Guide, Buster Cornelius, Solid! Behind the Times, Walking My Camel Home, Havoc Theme, Wedding at Cana, Ride Board, Kojak Chair, Great Northwest, Polka Girl, Gravel Road, In These Days Ahead, She Took the Ring Off a Dead Man's Finger, Daniel in the Lion's Den, Jonah and the Whale, Euphoria Jones, Funky West Side, I Hate This World Sometimes, Picture on a Stone, Hi Fi Alphabet, That's Entertainment, If Nobody Loves You in Heaven, Rockin' as Fast as I Can, The Wives of the Saints
Albums Strange Sounds From The Basement, Why Should I Stand Up?, Solid! Behind the Times, The Colorblind James Experience, Greatest Hits

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