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Colin Edwards

Fans from the rockabilly genre are usually just the types to understand grim irony, such as for example music group titles that predict the future from the rockers on-stage. A fantastic bassist — whose slapping of his strings could appear to be a door slamming — became a member of this exclusive golf club when he collapsed and passed away at age 40. Colin “Eddie” Edwards, normally acknowledged under his nickname, have been bassist for the rockabilly music group Breathless. The group have been come up with in the past due ’70s by Colin and Pat Grogan, a set of brothers who also fronted the Crazy Cavan device. Colin Grogan’s existence in the lineup was cause plenty of for Colin Edwards to be among the many music artists referred to as Eddie Edwards merely to prevent confusion at music group practice. Unfortunately, this implies he got confusing with a number of people called Eddie Edwards, including a trombonist, a motorbike racer, and a maker in the Ibiza college of home music. Obviously, there are additional bassists called Eddie Edwards, non-e related to that one. Although some rockabilly rings basically cart up ore through the deep mine of regular songs and glowing obscurities in the genre, Breathless developed its own materials, the sibling bandleaders having currently set up themselves as songwriters within their prior music group. Edwards, as well, got in over the songwriting. The positive “Gonna Be considered a Star” as well as the frightened “Runnin’ Worried” had been among his documented efforts. The group toured frequently in European countries from Finland to Spain, starting its group of recordings in 1981 and lastly working out of surroundings a decade afterwards. The bassist also supported other performers in the roots rock picture and was a existence on Crazy Cavan edges over several years.

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