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Who specifically is Clutchy Hopkins? That is the million-dollar issue that became a popular topic on several Internet chat planks whenever a dozen undeniably funky and up-to-date instrumental defeat monitors, each one entitled just by its working time, made an appearance as The Lifestyle of Clutchy Hopkins in 2006 in the Misled Kids imprint. Hopkins, it made an appearance, was the clever mass media creation or in fact an aging groundbreaking savant effortlessly touching the music from the 21st hundred years. A mystery guy decked out as an elegant enigma, he actually seemed too great to be accurate. The “formal” bio for Hopkins appeared preposterous at greatest, telling the storyplot of the kid of the Motown documenting engineer who journeyed to Japan in his twenties to review with Rinzai monks, after that to India to review Raja yoga exercises, and following that Hopkins, therefore the tale will go, journeyed to Nigeria to review percussion, becoming aswell a gun-runner and innovative. Time for the U.S., Hopkins apparently recorded with several jazz, funk, and avant combos from the first ’70s with the past due ’90s, constantly refusing to get his name cited on the tasks. Tapes of his personal music had been supposedly uncovered in a swap fulfill within the Mojave Desert on reels just designated C. Hopkins and along with a handwritten autobiographical manuscript. Hopkins is currently, so the tale continues, the busking seaside hobo in Southern California or perhaps a recluse surviving in a cave within the Mojave Desert. All this was understandably hard to swallow, and ideas about Hopkins’ real identity possess ranged from MF Doom to DJ Darkness, Cut Chemist, or among or all the Beastie Kids moonlighting and tugging the wool over everyone’s eye. The one obvious thing would be that the music on THE LIFE SPAN of Clutchy Hopkins is really a marvelously concocted and incredibly fresh and modern mesh of funk, hip-hop, jazz, and straight-out strange orchestral psychedelia (Hopkins apparently played all of the instruments, such as drums, bass, acoustic guitar, body organ, flute, melodica, and assorted percussion, himself) that suggests Mr. Hopkins will need to have had a fairly good Web connection for the reason that Mojave cave. The Clutchy Hopkins story continuing when Ubiquity Information released the arranged Strolling Backwards (a Compact disc of music along with a Dvd and blu-ray of intended “confessionals” from people that reportedly understood or fulfilled Hopkins) in 2008. Music Is definitely My Medicine, related to Hopkins and Lord Kenjamin, made an appearance in ’09 2009, once again from Ubiquity Information. The story continuing this year 2010 using the Storyteller, that was reported sent to Ubiquity on the banged-up iPod filled with a spoken term reading of the annals of the documenting carried out in ten different dialects.

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