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The project of Adelaide, Australia’s Tag Mitchell, Clue to Kalo began as glitchy laptop computer pop but evolved right into a symphonic indie pop band. As a kid, Mitchell pretended he was a documenting artist, creating tunes and cover artwork for false albums, but didn’t need to learn how exactly to play a musical instrument. He channeled his creativity into composing — and also pursued a Ph.D. in British — but revisited producing music whenever a high-school friend demonstrated him pc multi-track documenting. Mitchell began tinkering with digital music, and he became efficient more than enough that Mush Information released his initial record, Come Here IF YOU Sleepwalk, in 2003. While on tour for this record, Mitchell enlisted a music group of backing music artists who had nearly only a small amount musical knowledge as he do. Playing music live with other folks had an impact on Hint to Kalo’s following record, 2005’s A PROVEN WAY, It’s Every Method. Mitchell conceived the record being a “musical palindrome,” with an increase of negative music in its initial half and much more positive types in the next, but its mixture of live and digital instrumentation and much more advanced song structures managed to get a departure from Arrive Here IF YOU Sleepwalk. The vinyl-only Man Who Took a Stage Planning on a Stair But Rather Got Level Surface EP, which found its way to late 2006, transferred Hint to Kalo additional toward live instrumentation and highlighted a cover from the Beatles’ “Mom Nature’s Kid.” Mitchell and firm finished the 3rd Hint to Kalo full-length, Lily Perdida, in 2007, however the record — which informed the storyplot of a female from delivery to loss of life via individuals around her — wasn’t released until early 2009.

Quick Facts

Full Name Clue to Kalo
Music Songs Tender Anchoret, Ignore the Forest Floor, Seconds When It's Minutes, The Just Is Enough, Nine Thousand Nautical Miles, Your Palsy to Protect You, As Tommy Fixes Fights, The Younger the Old, The First Song of the Rest of Your Life, Empty Save the Oxygen, Still We Felt Bulletproof, The Tense Changes, Burning Arrow, The Secret Policeman, The Older the Young, This Dies Over Distance, Come to Mean a Natural Law, Within Reach of My Own Arms, Pachinko, Do You Know That Love Can End?, We'll Live Free, This Is Over by Inches, Your Heart Is Your Compass, I Think We Can Kinetic, Of Him On Her Heels, By The Narrator, All's Made Meaning, By The Chorus, What Went Down Around, By The Eavesdropper, When I'm a Man, Rest for Recreation, Learn from the Multiverse, Me, My Opus, The Infinite Orphan, By The Familiars
Albums One Way, It's Every Way, Come Here When You Sleepwalk, Lily Perdida, The Motives Records, Tender Anchoret / Meditation, Man Who Took a Step Expecting A Stair But Instead Got Level Ground, The Harmless Hex

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