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Banned from many concert venues at the start of their job because of manic performances, Philadelphia natives Clockcleaner demonstrated pride within their reputation and strike the scene hard, hell-bent on resuscitating punk rock’s original spirit of trashy experience. Sharing even more musically with sound rock and roll and goth, spattered with tinges of psychobilly, vocalist/guitarist John Sharkey, bassist R. Slegel, and drummer Richard Charles dipped deep to their songwriting cauldron to brew their 2004 debut EP, The Hassler, for Manic Trip Records. Immediately after, Slegal was changed by Karen Horner over the bass, and Insert Records found the group to record their extremely creepy full-length Babylon Guidelines, released in Sept 2007.

Quick Facts

Full Name Clockcleaner
Music Songs Vomiting Mirrors, Human Pigeon, Caliente Queen, Missing Dick, When My Ship Comes In, Man Across the Street, Daddy Issues, New in Town, Deaf Man Talking, Chinese Town, Interview With a Black Man, Early Man, Pissing At The Moon, New Slow, Blood Driver, Out of the City, Midnight Beach, Gentle Swastika, The Houseguest, Black Baby, Bad Man, Walking With My Lady Friend, Hands Are For Holding, In the Shit, Something On Her Mind, Shingles, NSA
Albums Babylon Rules, Nevermind, The Hassler, Auf Wiedersehen

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