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Claudio Pari

This native born Burgundian, a guide found in the title pages of most his compositions, was a significant madrigalist employed in Sicily. He was susceptible to composing cyclical madrigals for five and six parts. The next reserve, “Il pastor fido,” contains only text messages by Guarini indicative of Pari’s thematic, cyclical penchant. The quantity entitled “Il lamento d’Arianna” provides twelve from the twenty madrigals specialized in this text message. Characteristically this body of madrigals uses just a few rhythms and melodic factors with several overlapping lines and motifs due to comprehensive imitation. “Ariana” also contains few cadences intentionally omitted by Pari in order that he might make use of new dissonances for the intended purpose of displacing what would usually have been a protracted monotony. Due to Pari’s experimentation with different designs including imitation, counterpoint, awareness to phrases, and harmonies, in conjunction with his well-developed cycles, he’s considered one of the better from the Sicilian composers of madrigals.

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