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Church of Betty

Fusing American pop with Indian traditional music, raja-rock combo Church of Betty was the brainchild of Brand-new York-based multi-instrumentalist Chris Rael, whose developing curiosity about global music traditions prompted him to go to china and taiwan in 1988. The field recordings he manufactured in India and Nepal eventually made their method into his first Cathedral of Betty initiatives, which also included strong components of of Himalayan folk after 1989’s debut LP Western world from the East made an appearance on Rael’s very own Fang Information imprint, which eventually launched artists like the Mommyheads, 101 Crustaceans, and Oren Bloedow coming to emerging among the leading, downtown N.Con.C. brands of the time. In 1991 Rael came back to India to review Hindustani classical performing under music scholar Dr. B.V. Patekar and sitar under Ravindra Goswami; coming back stateside 2 yrs afterwards he re-formed Cathedral of Betty, recruiting bassist Joe Quigley and drummer Jonathan Feinberg for 1993’s Kashi, implemented the next calendar year by Searching for Religious Junkfood. After teaming with associates of the rock-band Hunk within the trio the Hands, Rael next documented in cooperation with ghazal vocalist Najma; their 1996 LP, Forbidden Kiss, provided westernized renditions of music from Hindi film composer S.D. Burman. He re-formed Cathedral of Betty for 1998’s Humor of Animals. Fruits over the Vine made an appearance a year afterwards.

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