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Christoph Schaffrath

A job candidate to the positioning of organist in the Sophiekirchen in Dresden, Schaffrath had not been appointed but Wilhelm Friedemann Bach was. He do provide in the courtroom from the Crown Prince Frederick (Frederick the fantastic) as an harpsichordist in the orchestra. From 1741, nevertheless, he was firmly the musician towards the king’s sister, Amalia. Like a composer Schaffrath limited himself to instrumental music including symphonies, key pad items, sonatas and concertos. The harpsichord sonatas had been virtually all fast-slow-fast configurations and the starting movements were frequently obtained in ABA type. Lots of the key pad compositions were basic two component formulations using the remaining hands playing the reduced part. Schaffrath’s music can be viewed as transitional items, stylistically galant between your Baroque as well as the Classical, characteristically melodious made up of brief phrases making use of triplets and stable rhythms. He made up counterpoint well as within his orchestral music but the majority of his music lacked an expressive fervor.

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