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Christina Kubish is among the leading lights within the audio art field, developing audio and visual installations shown in museums all over the world. Given birth to in 1948 in Bremen, Germany, for a long time she battled between her really wants to create both music (she performed flute and piano in addition to playing in the Jazz Academy in Graz, Austria) and visible arts, until she made a decision to combine her two passions together within the mid-’70s. Many of her common styles involve just how people understand and connect to nature as well as the sounds provided by objects that people usually do not normally consider musical. Among her early tasks was “Crisis Solos,” some flute recitals provided while putting on assorted forms of gloves. In 1977, she collaborated with video designer Fabrizio Plessia around the LP Two and Two (re-released in 2001. Utilizing a variety of devices which range from the accordion to discovered objects, the overall performance performers also filmed and projected minute information on their overall performance on displays. Another cooperation with Plessia was Tempo Liquido, which contains some experimental noises including that of a thimble getting rubbed on the sheet of cup. In 1980, she began monitoring electronics on the Techie Institute of Milan. Not really wanting to execute live any more as she disliked the concert hall place, she started creating her first audio installations. These included 1981’s “Il Respiro Del Mare,” that she created her very own magnetic audio induction program. She introduced cord-less earphones in her functions like “Meeting of Trees and shrubs,” which sent the noises of five bonsai trees and shrubs to attentive listeners. The sound element of her 1994 set up Sechs Spiegel continues to be released on Compact disc, that used the architectural proportions from the Ludgwigskirche to look for the prices of repetitions and pauses in vibrating consuming eyeglasses. In 2000, she was the feature of the 20-season retrospective single exhibition in Russelsheim. Among her various other installations are “The Clocktower Task,” that used solar technology to program the sort of chimes a bell tower would band, and “Supper Music,” which projected different bits of music at exactly the same time through plates on the table.

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Full Name Christina Kubisch
Music Songs Mono Fluido, The Cat's Dream, Circles III, Magnetic Flights, Night Flights, Tempo Liquido, Ocigam Trazom, Licht Himmel, La Ville Magnétique / The Magnetic City, Sechs Spiegel, E-Legend, Homage With Minimal Disinformation, Listen Through the Walls, Oase 2000, Twelve Signals, Zeitlupe, Atocha, Altgeräuscharchiv, Nostalgico, Mouseware, Vocrolls II, Night Shift, Djungle Walk, Ur 'Le jardin magnetique', Speak and Spell, Djungle Walk_alt.mix, Travel, Absence II, Absence I, Rundvandring / Tour, Security, Circles
Albums Five Electrical Walks, Decomposition I-III, Vier Stucke, Tempo Liquido, Night Flights, On Air, 24 Pictures at an Exhibition

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