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Christian Geist

Born in the North German city of Güstrow between 1640 and 1650, composer Christian Geist opted to check out in his father’s footsteps, seeing that the elder Geist was Kantor in the neighborhood Cathedral. An excellent bass vocalist, an instrumentalist in the orchestra led by Daniel Danielis, and pupil of organist Albert Schop — kid of violinist Johann Schop — Geist journeyed to Copenhagen in 1669 hoping of finding function, but emerged up unfilled handed. In 1670, he was employed by Gustav Düben the elder in Stockholm to try out in the royal orchestra, but had been from the work by 1674 due to some disagreement with Düben. After specialists in Hamburg transformed him straight down, Geist spent ten years in Gothenburg, playing an body organ that was hardly constructed, and petitioning — often without achievement — for payment for providers rendered. Finally, in 1684 Geist managed to get back again to Copenhagen, playing body organ in three churches, though he fell among these positions in 1686. Geist wedded the widow of his forerunner, presented open public concerts, and appreciated a fairly steady life in Copenhagen until a past due outbreak of bubonic plague in 1711 stated him, his wife, and whole family. Basically six of Christian Geist’s extant 60 roughly vocal works attended right down to us through Gustav Düben the elder’s collection and thus day and then 1670-1674; the rest, in German instead of Latin, started in Gothenberg. Three body organ pieces commonly related to Geist are believed of improbable authenticity; nevertheless, they will be the most often noticed functions in his entire result. The vocal music, nevertheless, is amazing; while basically two items are arranged to sacred text messages, most weren’t meant for make use of in services but also for early general public concerts directed at an exceedingly pious viewers to whom secular materials was regarded as either unacceptable or sinful. The items are well located to the moderate ensembles found in such affairs and betray an extremely chromatic and specific design; whomever Geist’s primary teacher might have been — Danielis, Schop, or his dad — Geist was grounded in the Italian design current some two decades before he was created. Geist had not been wholly limited by the sacred concerto genre; two motets by him are recognized to have been utilized in the coronation ceremonies kept in Stockholm when Ruler Charles IX gained his bulk in 1672, and they are even more ambitious in size and scope.

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