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Chris Cologne

Although cult-psych-folk-rocker Damien Youth will not play on Chris Cologne’s 2000 Horn CD, it will generate inescapable Damien Youth comparisons (among the few 100 or so individuals who follow Damien Youth, anyway). To begin with, the CD is normally over the Blackberry label, which problems much Damien Youngsters item. For another, vocalist/guitarist/bassist/pianist Cologne’s exclusive accompanist, electrical guitarist Zane Armstrong, do an record with Damien Youngsters beneath the name Walter Ghoul’s Lavender Brigade. And, most of all, Cologne bears an identical late-’60s United kingdom psych-folk impact in his music. He also uses very similar sparse acoustic guitar-based agreements and charmingly reverbed lo-fi creation that brings to brain one guy (or two guys, as is usually the case right here) sitting by itself in an unfilled room. For any that, Cologne’s real music isn’t incredibly comparable to Damien Youth’s. It’s even more upbeat and lighthearted, creating a complete rock-aligned audio with just a couple instruments no drums, as Donovan, the Amazing String Music group, and early T. Rex do in the past due ’60s. To shovel in the evaluations once again, Cologne in fact doesn’t sound very much like Donovan or the Incredible String Music group, but he can appear to be early T. Rex sometimes (particularly in a few of his vocals), although he’s even more melodic. Horn isn’t a significant or deep work, but it’s enjoyable and uplifting, anachronistic however, not in an humiliating way.

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