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Dutch pop group Ch!pz were a Europop feeling through the mid-2000s, especially among kids, seeing that each of their initial eight singles were Best Three strikes in holland, most of them also charting good in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Made up of Rach-L (blessed Rachel truck Hoogen), C!lla (Cilla Niekoop), Peter (Peter Rost), and Kev!n (Kevin Hellenbrand), the group was formed in 2003 and was promoted on Fox Children, a Disney-owned tv channel for kids, later rebranded seeing that Jetix. Ch!pz produced their saving debut in 2003 with “Ch!pz in Dark (Who also You Gonna Contact?),” lots one strike in holland that also charted well in German (number 2), Switzerland (two), Austria (two), Sweden (three), Norway (19), and Belgium (40). The group’s additional 2003 single launch, “Cowboy,” was likewise effective, charting at number 1 in holland, Germany, and Austria. In 2004 Ch!pz released their debut recording, The Journeys of Ch!pz, including both aforementioned chart-topping singles along with “Captain Hook,” lots three strike; the recording itself topped the recording chart in holland and was a high Ten strike in Germany and Austria, also charting in Switzerland and Sweden. The next Ch!pz recording, The Globe of Ch!pz (2005), matched the achievement of its forerunner, charting similarly and spawning a trio of smash strikes (“1001 Arabian Evenings,” “1, Two, 3!,” “Carnaval”). In 2006 Common released a set of mini-albums, Recent: Present: Long term, Pt. 1 and Recent: Present: Potential, Pt. 2, that spawned two strikes each. It had been around this period that the recognition of Ch!pz started to wane, therefore Common prepared a best-of compilation, The H!tz Collection (2007); it included a fresh single, “Studio room 54,” that charted just in holland, where it had been a high Ten strike (charting of them costing only quantity seven, it had been the group’s least effective single to day). The follow-up recording Chipz Dance Xperienz reached number 1, however, within the Dutch charts.

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