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Choking Victim

NEW YORK ska-punks Choking Sufferer, whose members resided together out of varied squats on Manhattan’s Decrease East Part, comprised singer/guitarist Scott Stergin (aka Stza or Sturgeon), bassist Alec, and drummer Skwert, although music group also included guitarist Ezra, bassists Sascha Scatter and Shayne, and drummer John Dolan, amongst others, during their period collectively. Stza and Alec originally created the music group as No Commerical Worth in the first ’90s, the music group eventually growing into Choking Victim. After debuting with a small number of 7″ singles through the middle-’90s that focused around their vagrant life-style and atheist values, including the Split Rock Constant EP as well as the “Squatta’s Heaven” solitary, the trio authorized to the Epitaph imprint Hellcat release a the full-length No Gods, No Managers in 1999. Choking Sufferer broke up following the 1st day of documenting for the recording, but luckily, they’d gotten plenty of songs from the session release a the record anyhow. Split Rock Steady Demonstration followed annually down the road Tent Town, as do another launch that conveniently come up with the band’s previous singles and EP. Stza and Ezra continued to create Leftover Split; Ezra also performed in INDK with Skwert.

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