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Where Tortoise-style indie rock as well as the Windy City’s steadily younger jazz scene intersect lie Chicago Underground Duo — also called Chicago Underground Orchestra and Chicago Underground Trio with various lineups. The nominal head, cornetist and key pad participant Rob Mazurek, documented three albums for Hep from 1994 to 1997. As Chicago’s very own indie rock feeling Tortoise started leaning nearer and nearer to the city’s improvisational and free of charge jazz forbearers, Mazurek started using them and made an appearance over the group’s 1998 record, TNT. The very first Chicago Underground Duo record, documented with drummer/vibraphonist Chad Taylor in 1998, made an appearance on Tortoise’s Thrill Jockey label. The next year, the set expanded to some trio by adding bassist Noel Kupersmith and released Feasible Cube, on Delmark.

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Music Songs In Praise of Shadows, Age of Energy, Blink Out, Spy on the Floor, Access and Enlightenment, Red Gradations, Yaa Yaa Kole, Bellatron, House Of The Axe, Twelve Degrees of Freedom, Laughing With the Sun, Roots and Shooting Stars, Green Ants, Funeral of Dreams, Two Concepts for the Storage of Light, Micro Exit, Waiting for You Is Like Watching Stillness Grow Into Enormous Wings, Lifelines, Average Assumptions and Misunderstandings, Exponent Red, Particle and Transfiguration, Tram Transfer Nine, Not Quite Dark Yet and the Stars Shining Above the Withered Fields, The Unique Container, Vergence, Into the Unanimous Blue, January 15th, Cities Without Citadels, The Light in Between, Slon, The Glass House, Castle in Your Heart
Albums Boca Negra, Axis and Alignment, Slon, 12° of Freedom, Age of Energy, In Praise of Shadows, Synesthesia, Locus

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