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Chiara Margarita Cozzolani

Italian composer Chiara Margarita Cozzolani was the many prominent and prolific around twelve nuns who posted their very own music in the seventeenth century. Blessed right into a well-to-do family members, Cozzolani got into the monastery at St. Radegonda in Milan in her teenagers, acquiring her vows in 1620. Once located next to the Duomo of Milan, St. Radegonda boasted the very best music artists in Milan throughout that period, and Cozzolani was head of at least among the choruses there. As period passed, she’d fulfill many positions inside the purchase, including that of abbess. Therefore respectable was Cozzolani’s function that in 1640 her initial publication was certified, Primavera di fiori musicali. However, no copies of the early print attended to light, but her series Concerti Sacri (1642) and Salmi, Op. 3 (1650), have already been preserved, furthermore to Scherzi di sacra melodia (1648), the just copy which is normally lacking its continuo component. These outstanding sacred parts reveal that Cozzolani’s nuns will need to have acquired considerable singing capability due to the advanced of problems in the composing for voices. Although cloistered, and therefore taken off the mainstream of culture, Cozzolani was certainly acquainted with the music of Monteverdi and appears to have got connection with opera and additional types of early monodic configurations, given the fantastic sense of self-reliance exemplified in her vocal lines. After 1650, Cozzolani’s music ceases to surface in published type. Some scholars feature this to Archbishop Alfonso Litta’s musical reforms from the middle-1660s, but by this time around Cozzolani’s press have been silent currently for a few 15 years. Cozzolani was about 75 years when she passed away sometime between Might 1676 and Apr 1678, as well as the purchase of St. Radegonda was dissolved toward the finish from the eighteenth hundred years. While some paperwork from St. Radegonda that point out Cozzolani remain, no music manuscripts of her function are recognized to have survived.

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