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Cheap ‘N’ Nasty

This melodic UK rock ‘n’ roll quartet was formed in 1990 by former Hanoi Rocks guitarist Nasty Suicide (b. Jan Stenfors). Recruiting Alvin Gibbs (bass, ex-UK Subs), Timo Caltio (acoustic guitar) and Les Riggs (drums), they authorized to China Information the following yr. Debuting with Gorgeous Disaster, the music group lacked picture and path, and Suicide appeared unpleasant in his dual part of guitarist and vocalist. Focusing on mid-paced rockers that relied greatly on vocal harmonies to transport the melody lines, probably the most special cut was unquestionably the recording’s title monitor. Suicide later came back to a neo-Hanoi Stones berth in Demolition 23, a fresh band created with Sam Yaffa and Michael Monroe.

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