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Charlie Koenig

Perhaps one of the most necessary mini-groupings inside the music market is made up of individuals who may honestly boast “We drive the music group and I travel the vehicle.” Requirements to become listed on said golf club are few, essential, as well as perhaps indicative of mental disease: mastery of the rhythm section device and possession of a big roadworthy automobile to be produced available on a normal basis to a touring musical ensemble. Bassist Charlie Koenig can be a member of the elite, offering the harmonic backbone for the tune shenanigans of an organization referred to as the Korn Kobblers and in addition generating them in his vehicle to every gig they do between the later ’30s and middle-’50s. The group ruled primitive pop graphs, arriving at the positioning exhausted because of the zany competition of groupings like the Hoosier Popular Shots. Simply playing a bass in this sort of novelty or hokum music group would never be all you need, no matter just how many generating miles may be logged along the way. Koenig spent enough time organizing striking clothes presentations, either smoked a tube continuously on-stage or pretended to being a gag, do impressions of Harry Houdini that needed performing magic techniques, as well as soloed on tuned gas-pipes, years before Stomp.

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