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Charlie Beal

The Beal brothers hailed through the West Coastline, where both were established as professional musicians from the outset from the ’30s. Charlie Beal was a pianist, while youthful sibling Eddie Beal began on drums but also turned towards the piano a couple of years into his gigging profession. Over time of quite informal freelancing around LA, Charlie Beal became linked to the Les Hite music group, and in 1932 relocated to Chicago. Beal became known for his regular single spot on the posh Grand Terrace, but also was a combo pianist behind market leaders such as for example Jimmie Noone, Erskine Tate, and Frankie Jaxon. Solid swingers all, these market leaders helped prepare Beal for perhaps among the supreme jazz music group careers. In 1933, buds starting to open over the trees and shrubs outside, the pianist was employed by Louis Armstrong. Beal turns up on a big stack of Satchmo edges because of this, including a number of of the greatest retrospective series. Beal had a great many other musical cable connections, nevertheless. He toured with Noble Sissle after departing Armstrong, and by 1934 acquired hopped cities once again. Now structured out of NEW YORK, Beal begun to function primarily being a soloist and was connected with jazz piano pubs such as for example Adrian’s Tap Area as well as the Onyx. Eddie South nabbed Beal for an engagement on the France Casino, but probably being around a lot lost money frustrated him, as the pianist fled north to Canada, after that wound up signing up for the U.S. Military. He next shows up being a musician back again on the Western world Coast, again keeping down a single pianist residency on the Jococo Area. In 1946, he is at Armstrong’s company once again, appearing within the music group in the film New Orleans. Billie Vacation also appeared within this relatively stereotypical Hollywood family portrait of jazz, and anecdotes in the filming indicate it had been Beal who trained the great vocalist the ballad “HAVE YOU ANY IDEA How It Feels to Miss New Orleans?,” since she evidently had complications reading the music. Beal was a songwriter himself; his best-known work may be the addictive “I CANNOT Break the Habit of You,” co-written using the industrious Andy Razaf and documented by the amusing Fats Waller, amongst others. In the past due ’40s, Beal became a member of the expatriate audience of jazz music artists in Europe.

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