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Charley Johnson

Not much appears to be known on the subject of the trombonist Charley Johnson, who performed with various rings led simply by Benny Carter through the ’40s. His profession is a secret story where you will find way too many suspects called Johnson and trombones appear to be stashed hither and yon as though one of these really was a smoking weapon. In conclusion, it appears that while Charlie Johnson may possess employed Benny Carter, Benny Carter didn’t change in the next 10 years and hire his outdated boss. These fact is revealed not really through any distinctions in spelling between Charley Johnson and Charlie Johnson; so far as the individuals who compose and edit liner records and compile discographies, those initial names may as well end up being the same. Anyone whose name is certainly Charlie will have several credits occasionally as Charley, Charles, maybe even Chuck. Individuals themselves are significantly less compatible, even if most of them appear to be having trombones. Until the middle-’30s, Charlie Johnson was a pianist and bandleader who was simply among the initial artists to employ youthful Benny Carter and present him an opportunity to perform agreements. This Johnson was also a trombonist before he started focusing on piano. Carter himself also performed trombone, one of the different musical instruments he learned besides his primary reed axes. But with the ’40s, when Carter acquired his very own group including a trombonist called Charley Johnson, the pianist Johnson was experiencing serious medical issues and was not likely out gigging on trombone. Carter himself appeared to have a significant curiosity about the name Johnson, as though he was a frontiersman accumulating a devoted posse. On trombone by itself he also highlighted J.J. Johnson and Keg Johnson, plus there is drummer Walter Johnson and saxophonist George “Happy” Johnson. That which was the last mentioned player so content about? Probably getting around more and more people called Johnson. Among the Carter edges that trombonist Johnson blows on are recordings offering the great vocalist Al Hibbler.

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