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Chance Component play music that’s particularly hard to pigeonhole. The majority of its associates had a typical, classical college schooling, but all eventually worked in rock and roll and jazz contexts. Each one of these influences is there, however the music is certainly hardly rock, definitely not tight jazz, and wouldn’t normally be named classical by a lot of people. The UK music group was produced in 1983 when Fishing rod Arran (soprano saxophone, reed synthesizer, recorders), John Thomas (keyboards) and Brian Lenehan (electric guitar), all at London’s Trinity College of Music, met up to test some compositions using tapes and live musical instruments. The music group still uses taped materials, devised, understood and set up by Arran, as an underpinning for the live performers. There is certainly without any improvisation (nor any arbitrary procedures, regardless of the music group’s name) and Possibility Element continues to be primarily a car for Arran’s compositions, which pull on a number of traditions. It has not really stopped the music group getting labelled (a lot more than relatively inaccurately) as jazz-funk. Possibility Component also comprises previous Itchy Fingertips member Martin Speake (flute, alto saxophone).

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