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You start with their punk rock and roll root base upon their 1994 formation, Cerberus Shoal relocated from Maine to Boston once the first fall into line of Caleb Mulkerin (guitar), Chriss Sutherland (bass/ vocals), Tom Rogers (drums) and Josh Ogden (guitar) was set up. After a couple of displays at ABC No Rio, a self-titled EP and a complete blown US tour all prior to the end of 1995, a few line up adjustments would improvement the Cerberus Shoal audio to some poppier, mellower charm. With Kristen Hedges changing Ogden on electric guitar and vocals, as well as the addition of David Mulder on keyboards, both EP Lighthouse in Athens Parts One and Two and And Farewell to Hightide… had been released in 1996 on Tree Information; both these offering Cerberus Shoal’s stylistic adjustments. After Hedges departed down the road that calendar year, the one “Inhaling and exhaling Machine” arrived in 1997 pursuing another two melody EP Components of Framework/ Permanence, clocking in at 50 a few minutes total. With Mulder departing the music group before another tour of america, Cerberus Shoal quickly lent Thomas Kovaceic (electric guitar/ vocals) and Tim Harbeson (keyboards/ trumpet) in the music group Tarpigh before recruiting them regular. Homb premiered in 1999 and Crash My Moon Yacht implemented in middle-2000.

Quick Facts

Full Name Cerberus Shoal
Music Songs The Land We All Believe In, Unmarked Boxes, Elements of Structure, Daddy as Seen From Bar Harbor, Taking Out the Enemy, Sole of Foot of Man, Make Winter a Driving Song, Broken Springs Spring Forth From Broken Clocks, A Tailor of Graves, J.B.O. vs. Blin, The Real Ding, I've Nothing Left, The Ghosts Are Greedy, The Long Word of Disbelief, Shall We Give the Earth a Word?, Breakaway Cable Terminal, Me No No Show You There, O! What Brilliance, O! Holy Fledgling, Lashing at Our Backs, Destination Creeps, Baby Gal, Scaly Beast vs. Toy Piano, Breathing Machines, Pie for the President, An Egypt That Does Not Exist, Tongue Drongue, Bogart the Change, Telikos II, Marimus, Elle Besh, Mrs. Shakespeare Torso
Albums ...And Farewell to Hightide, Homb, Mr. Boy Dog, Bastion of Itchy Preeves, Chaiming the Knoblessone, Crash My Moon Yacht, Elements of Structure / Permanence, Lighthouse in Athens, An Ongoing Ding, The Land We All Believe In, The Life and Times of the Magic Carpathians and Cerberus Shoal, Cerberus Shoal, The Vim & Vigour of Alvarius B. and Cerberus Shoal, The Whys and Hows of Herman Düne and Cerberus Shoal, Travels in Constants, Volume 10, The Ducks and Drakes of Guapo and Cerberus Shoal

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