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Not to end up being confused with the pioneering Mexican loss of life metal band, this specific Cenotaph comes from Turkey’s capital town of Ankara, and offers in an a lot more extreme type of gore/grind/dark/death metallic inspired simply by (but taken even more than) the task of Carcass, Autopsy and Cannibal Corpse. Created in 1994 by vocalist/bassist Batu Cetin, the band’s documented output continues to be consistently demanding and extreme, but sporadic at greatest, and contains 1996’s Voluptuously Minced, 1998’s Puked Genital Purulency, and 2003’s Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium — the final also offering guitarists Basar Cetin and Cihan Akün, and drummer Goremaster.

Quick Facts

Full Name Cenotaph
Music Songs Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions, Epic Rites, Tenebrous Apparitions, Voluptuously Minced, Putrescent Infectious Rabidity, Schizoid Acts of Mental Defloration, Life Immortal, Human Flesh Wax, In the Cosmic Solitude, Embalming Maggotized Aborticide, The Silence of Our Black Oceans, Compulsive Disownency, Verbalized Opinions About Intravaginal Umbilical Corded Fetus in Uterus, Less Than Human Urinal, Carving Mental Butchery, Ectasia Tenebrae, Bloody Autopsy Table, Grief to Obscuro, Different Dimensional Pervertation, Evoked Doom, Asphyxiated Embryonic Abnormalities, Consumed by Embryophagy, Necrocannibal Tribes, The Solitudes, Iron Peaks and Fists, Syndromes Of Deadly Endogenous Intoxication, Superimposed Guttural Vociferations of Ulceric Anal Turgor, Infinitum Valet, Holocausto Riot, Bloodbath Is Her Own Deathbed, Vomiting Psycho Intent, Paroxysmal Mutation
Albums The Gloomy Reflection of Our Hidden Sorrows, Riding Our Black Oceans, Puked Genital Purulency, Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium, Putrescent Infectious Rabidity, Reincarnation in Gorextasy, Re-Puked Purulency, Saga Bélica, Voluptuously Minced, Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions, Neo, Voluptuously Puked Genitals, Epic Rites (9 Epic Tales & Death Rites), Complete Demos & Rehearsals 94-96

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