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Carroll Dickerson

The violinist and bandleader Carroll Dickerson was generally from the city of Chicago for his whole career. He was also area of the musical globe of Louis Armstrong, showing up on a collection of albums huge more than enough to obscure both Dickerson’s violin case and Armstrong’s trumpet satchel, had been they to keep them laying in the same place. Keepers from the position quo must be aware, nevertheless, that when the partnership started between your two musicians it had been Armstrong that was the sideman and Dickerson who was simply the first choice. Dickerson, actually, seemed to often desire to be the first choice. His career starts with him in control, fronting possibly the to begin Dickerson’s rings at a Chicago club known as the Entertainer’s Cafe, circa 1921. He continuing forming rings through the ’20s, acquiring one of these on the 48-week tour. He employed Armstrong in 1926 to get a typically extended stretch out on the Sunset Cafe –where the music started lengthy after sunset but was occasionally still heading at sunrise. The partnership ongoing with Armstrong, with some substitutions in lettering for the marquee. By 1929 the music group had gone on the highway, as soon as in NY started appearing beneath the trumpeter’s name. A 1930 work at Connie’s Inn in NEW YORK was this group’s last stand under anybody’s name. Dickerson’s NY period concludes with some use the Mills Blue Tempo Band and the fantastic King Oliver. Then came back to Chicago where he led his very own bands through the subsequent 2 decades. His group was popular at joints such as for example Swingland and Rhumboogie.

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