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Carpe Tenebrum


Norwegian black metallic duo Carpe Tenebrum was the medial side task of Dimmu Borgir multi-instrumentalist Astennu and vocalist Nagash; their debut album Mirrored Hate Painting made an appearance in 1999. Majestic Nothingness adopted two years later on.

Quick Facts

Full Name Carpe Tenebrum
Music Songs Temptress Luna, Drain the Labyrinth, Blood Dance, Mirrored in Scarry Skies, Perpetual Dancer, Requiem Spell, Void Dress, The Abyss's Mystic Haze, Sullen Becometh, Dreaded Chaotic Reign, Velvet Claws, Sense of Face, What of This Place, The Telling, To See Your Name, Conscious Hide!, Hope Is Near, Aetherial Benefaction, Abiding Our Time, Nothingness, Ludus, Perpethal Dancer, And Fever, Lured Like You Though, The Painting
Albums Mirrored Hate Painting, Majestic Nothingness, Dreaded Chaotic Reign

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