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Part of an extended type of avant-garde weirdos from your Bay Region, Caroliner — aka Caroliner Rainbow — often described itself seeing that “industrial bluegrass,” that was likely the closest anyone ever found pegging their uncategorizable audio. Their music had been rooted in 19th hundred years Americana and the type of primitive folk on the Harry Smith Anthology, but generally came wrapped within a dense crust of experimental sound and a bone-dry, dadaist love of life. Their records had been just as more likely to remember musique concrète or early commercial as nation, folk, and bluegrass; everything among was fair video game aswell, from early jazz to Eastern music to consumer electronics. Their agreements tended toward the minimal — generally focused around banjo, violin, body organ, and bass — but frequently veered into sound rock or complex orchestrations aswell. Frequently sung by tape-altered voices, Caroliner lyrics had been full of pioneer and cowboy imagery in the Old Western world, but from a distinctly twisted perspective, using a flair for the macabre. The outcomes often drew evaluations to Bay Region peers just like the Citizens and Sun Town Girls, not forgetting Considering Fellers Union Regional 282 (with whom they distributed personnel); other typically cited influences had been Throbbing Gristle and Captain Beefheart, and associates of Mr. Bungle was rumored to be engaged with Caroliner aswell. Although Caroliner didn’t safeguard their identities as jealously as the Occupants, they were maybe even even more obscure used. Members did cover behind an ever-shifting selection of absurd stage names, as well as the band’s name transformed from recording to recording — the 1st two words had been usually Caroliner Rainbow, accompanied by an inscrutable term from one from the album’s lyrics or game titles (Caroliner was the state fallback name, nevertheless). Their live shows had been low-budget theatrical extravaganzas with sophisticated outfits and Day-Glo stage adornments augmented with blacklight. Their albums had been released on vinyl fabric only, generally within the Nuf Sed label, and had been pressed in limited amounts. Each recording was packaged separately with its personal handmade artwork and hand-written lyric sheet, and generally found its way to some found-object product packaging (pizza containers and diaper removal bags had been two of the very most notorious). Commensurate with their European Gothic idea, Caroliner even produced its mythic folklore to describe their roots. The group stated to possess inherited its whole repertoire from Caroliner the Performing Bull, a marvelous 19th hundred years creature whose owner had taken it from city to city, where it performed and discovered new music in the locals. When the dog owner was compelled to consume the bull one trim wintertime, the remnants of its carcass continuing to sing. Caroliner was founded in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA in 1983 with a business lead singer generally known just as Grux (though he, as well, turned aliases at will). The initial music group was a trio including a percussionist who performed a bucket, however the rates quickly swelled to normally consist of 6 to 8 users at a overall performance or recording program. Personnel arrived and went openly, and the ones who stayed transformed their aliases from recording to recording. Their 1st record, TAIL Hernia Puppet Display, showed up around 1985, and kicked off a growth to local-legend position that peaked by the first ‘90s; their status gradually spread to a wider experimental music target audience, helped by regular trips of the U.S. and among Japan. Their following three albums — I’m Equipped with Quarts of Bloodstream, Rise of the normal Woodpile, as well as the Cooking Range Beast — had been generally loud affairs, but their 5th, Hit Them Hard, Move Them to Cathedral, began to draw out their quieter, folkier aspect, resembling an Asian-tinged Palace. The orchestrated however chaotic The Sabre Waving Saracen Wall structure came next, accompanied by Banknotes, Dreams and Signatures, which highlighted among the band’s most-quoted music in “Aged Eggwipe” (in regards to a equine that was half scrambled eggs). By this time around, a number of the music group was also energetic within a aspect project known as Commode Minstrels in Bull Encounter. Eighth album Bands in the Awkward Darkness was a dual LP, and was implemented in 1995 by Sell Heal Holler, the notorious diaper-bag record. The live compilation Our American Traditions, Vol. 1 made an appearance in 1996 or 1997 and finished up with better distribution than most Caroliner produces. Decrease Intestinal Clocks & Gut highlighted two side-long monitors, and was accompanied by the peaceful and haunting Toodoos in 1998. Cheated by an unethical printer through the creation of Decrease Intestinal Clocks & Gut, Caroliner briefly proceeded to go bankrupt and was pressured to have a four-year hiatus. Throughout that period, several users embarked on self-employed part tasks; Grux performed with Plastic O Concrete, while Chris Cooper began the solo sound task Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase and in addition used Deerhoof. Guitarist Brandan Kearney, who’d performed on almost all the band’s information, joined Amarillo Information honcho Gregg Turkington in the mock loss of life metal music group Faxed Mind. Caroliner finally came back in 2002 using the dual LP Wines Can’t GET IT DONE, Wife Won’t Perform, and embarked on the first tour of the brand new millennium.

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