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Carol Saboya

Having released three single CDs, the to begin that was the winner of the Sharp reward, Carol Saboya in addition has considerable international encounter for her age group, having performed in NY, Miami, and New Orleans (U.S.). In Brazil, she’s participated in several important projects just like the Homenagem a Braguinha (with Zé Renato), Novos Cariocas (with Daniel Gonzaga, and Bernardo Lobo), 40 Anos de Bossa Nova (with Roberto Menescal and Operating-system Cariocas) and Homenagem a Cartola, (with Paulinho Moska, Nelson Sargento, Dona Zica, Dona Neuma, Delegado, Arranco de Varsóvia, Beth Carvalho, and Emílio Santiago). The child of pianist/composer Antônio Adolfo, she released an individual at age group eight, distributed to Mièle. As a kid, she also participated in documenting choirs for performers like Erasmo Carlos and Ângela Rô Rô. In 1989, she relocated to LA, U.S., where she participated in Sérgio Mendes’ Brasileiro, Grammy champion on the planet music category. She participated in Aldir Blanc 50 Anos performing “Carta de Pedra” (Guinga/Aldir Blanc). She’s also been taking part in Antônio Adolfo’s albums and, because of his just work at the Brazilian portion of IAJE, Saboya performed in the worldwide meeting from the jazz colleges in New Orleans. Her 1st solo recording, Dança Da Voz (1997), received the Sharp reward within the category Revelação MPB. In 1999, she documented an recording with guitarist Nelson Faria that was focused on Tom Jobim’s compositions, Janelas Abertas. Each of them had been also released in Japan. In 2000, she released Sessão Passatempo.

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