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Vocalist/songwriter Carol Lipnik spent her years as a child wandering the beaten pathways of Coney Isle, daydreaming in regards to a existence in music. As carnivals withered aside, Lipnik’s fairytale concepts of R&B, voodoo, and blues got shape. Such brilliant imagery ultimately led Lipnik to start out writing tracks. Her early adult years had been spent developing her personal candied, gritty audio. She and her music group, Spookarama, produced their debut with MY ENTIRE LIFE as a Performing Mermaid before the fresh millennium. Spookarama’s lush Delta blues fever was amazing. In 2002, Lipnik and Spookarama surfaced with Hope Road.

Quick Facts

Full Name Carol Lipnik
Music Songs Almost Back to Normal, Oh, The Tyranny, The Things That Make You Grow, Freakhouse Blues, The Oyster and the Sand, Sonadora Dreamer, Lost Days and Songs, Farewell, Stranger, Cloud Girl, Some People's Souls, Falling/ Floating, Life Line, Troubled Waters, Morir Sonando, List of Attractions, Mermaid Blues, The Butt Song, Longhairedradicalsocialistjew, Where Are You Going, Skeleton Kisses, The Kindness of Strangers, Baby Why, The Pinhead's Lullaby, Crow's Nest, The Night Bird's Song, Traveling, Honey Pot, Marching to Euphoria, Crushed, Last Dance
Albums Almost Back to Normal

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