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Carlos Salzédo

Carlos Salzécarry out was the foremost harpist from the 1st half from the twentieth hundred years, and is definitely the single most crucial composer for the harp for this time. Salzéperform ‘s music is usually evocative of French impressionism and it is technically challenging for the performer; it breaks fresh ground with regards to the basic audio world from the harp as well as the methods used. While Salzéperform was created in Arcachon, he analyzed in Bordeaux and, later on, in the Paris Conservatoire, that he graduated with an unparalleled two 1st awards: one in harp, and one in piano. Salzéperform moved to NY in 1909, where he was an associate from the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra through 1913. Salzéperform later on performed with numerous chamber music ensembles, that he also made up works, like the Sonata for Harp and Piano (1925) and his Concerto No. 1 for Harp and Seven Winds (1925-1926). Among these ensembles was the flute-cello-harp Trio de Lutèce, with Georges Barrère and Paul Kéfer; another was the Salzéperform Harp Outfit. The Trio was on tour in European countries, merging a tour with Salzédo’s honeymoon vacation with his 1st wife, when Globe Battle I broke out. Salzéperform briefly offered in the French military, surprisingly as make for his device. In 1921, Salzéperform helped Edgard Varèse to determine the International Composer’s Guild, and from 1921 to 1932 offered as editor from the Eolian Review, a publication which centered on songs. In 1924, Salzéperform set up the harp section on the Curtis Institute for Music in Philadelphia, and was accountable several years afterwards for founding the Salzéperform Harp Colony in Camden, Maine. Among pupils who examined with Salzéperform at Curtis had been Edna Phillips, Alice Chalifoux, Lynne Wainwright Palmer, Marilyn Costello, Judy Loman, Edward Druzinsky, Reinhardt Elster, Carol Baum and Margarita Montanaro. would spend winters teaching in Philadelphia and in NY, and the summers in Maine. Among Salzedo’s youngest pupils, and his most excellent protegee after Lucile Lawrence, is certainly Heidi Lehwalder. After Salzédo’s loss of life, the summer college in Maine was bought out by his protégée Alice Chalifoux. Salzédo’s compositional result is almost solely specialized in the harp, so that as a fantastic performer, he understood well how exactly to compose for the device. Furthermore to his first compositions, Salzéperform contributed many pedagogical works towards the harp books, including his Contemporary Study from the Harp (1921, modified 1948) and the technique for Harp (1929), created along with his duet partner and second wife Lucile Lawrence. He still left unfinished another Concerto for Harp, that was finished in 1966 with the gifted American musician Robert Russell Bennett.

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