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Carlito Jazz

Among the earliest Brazilian groupings with a global profession, Carlito Jazz performed in European countries for more than 14 years performing Brazilian music in France, Italy, and Turkey between 1926 and 1939. Its biggest strikes had been the marcha “Pinta, Pinta, Melindrosa” (Freire Júnior) as well as the embolada “Bombo-Bambo” (Biundi/F. Antípola). In 1926, Madame Rasimi, who owns the Bataclan French business of revues which got arrive to Brazil for the 3rd time that season and was executing on the Lírico Movie theater, asked drummer Carlito Blassifera to create a helping group. The Carlito Jazz, shaped by Blassifera (drums), Donga (electric guitar/banjo), Sebastião Cirino (trumpet), Augusto Vasseur (piano), João Wanderley (violin), Orosino (sax), Zé Povo (trombone), and Leonel (who afterwards changed Zé Povo at the same device), followed the Bataclan in São Paulo (São Paulo), Salvador (Bahia), and Recife (Pernambuco), after that to Paris, France. For the reason that town, the group performed for 90 days as Carlito et boy Orchestre. In the same season, Donga, Wanderley, and Zé Povo still left the group and came back to Brazil, having been changed by European music artists. The group still left after that for Italy, where it performed in Bologna, Milan, and Pisa; at that time, Bataclan began an Italian tour, as well as the group followed it through Milan, Turin, Venice, Genova, Rome, and Naples. Joined up with from the trombonist Leonel, they came back to Paris where they performed in the Cabaret Ermitage, and remaining for Turkey, where they worked well for a few years. In Constantinople, that they had as their fervent lover Chief executive Kemal Ataturk. Time for Paris in 1930, the group performed at the fantastic Colonial Exposition associated Josephine Baker. Having performed for the reason that town until 1939, when Globe War II strike, the Carlito Jazz came back to Brazil, where it had been employed by Rádio Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro) and quickly later on was dissolved.

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