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Carl Michael Von Hausswolff

An installation designer and electronic music composer located in Stockholm, Sweden, Carl Michael Von Hausswolff has presented his minimalist-leaning audiovisual functions in Europe and THE UNITED STATES. A dynamic promoter of avant-garde artwork within the the 1980s and early ’90s through magazines and record brands, since the middle-’90s he continues to be concentrating on his personal music, which includes become growingly minimalist, an hour-long piece frequently comprising the clever usage of only a small number of audio sources. Hausswolff offers recorded single albums for Radium, Ash International, Desk of sun and rain, Sub Rosa, and Firework Release. His set of collaborators contains Zbigniew Karkowski, David Jackman, Erik Pauser, Andrew McKenzie, Graham Lewis, and Leif Elggren, undoubtedly his most regular partner along with whom he co-founded the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland, a continuing conceptual task and virtual country in 1992. Hausswolff was created in Hyperlinköping, Sweden, a couple of years after Elggren however the two fulfilled only twenty years later if they had been both surviving in Stockholm. Initially, his instrument of preference was the tape recorder, as he’d use opinions and found noises to create complicated drones that followed his artwork installations. In the change of the ‘80s, he relocated to Gothenburg where he setup Radium, an archive label, publication, and production organization. In 1980 started Phauss, a overall performance group he created with Erik Pauser along with which he produced his 1st recordings. The Conductor, released in 1983, is usually one of is own first single albums. After shutting Radium he began another label, Anckarström, in 1991. Through the ‘90s, he created two main designs: energy and communication using the afterlife. The previous implied a particular reduced amount of his musical strategy and culminated within the extremely minimal Ström (2000), as the last mentioned yielded several shows and albums concerning “Electronic Voice Sensation” or E.V.P., which includes capturing the tone of voice from the useless with radio indicators. Paralleling his single work because the middle-’90s may be the group Ocsid, created with Wire’s Graham Lewis and Jean-Louis Huhta, a device which presents very long performances of digital music and video. In 2001, Hausswolff co-curated the Nordic space in the Venice Biennale.

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