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Tone of voice Stealer is among the many bylines utilized by eclectic dance music maker Carl A. Finlow, whose slick, advanced fusions of a variety of dance music designs have made an appearance variously within the Soma, 20:20 Eyesight, Subvert, Klang, Phono, and SSR brands. Following within the heals of daring, bouncy hybrids of electro and fresh wave such as for example Le Car’s “Auto” and I-F’s “Space Invaders Are Smoking cigarettes Lawn,” Finlow’s 1998 debut as Tone of voice Stealer, The All-Electric Home, was one of the most interesting, well-crafted album-length amalgams of these styles to seem. Fusing fresh wave’s and electro’s two most powerful attributes-cool, detached melodic and vocal accompaniment and slim, rubbery drumbox funk — The All-Electric Home escaped cliche partly with the novelty of its mixture, and partly because Finlow was the main one doing the merging. Although a lot of his function to date provides clustered around regular, breakbeat, and intensifying home — he helped type the favorite underground label 20:20 Eyesight, has released information through 20:20 as Random Aspect and Urban Farmers, and may be the imprint’s in-house manufacturer — the fastest developing portion of Finlow’s single discography is normally in the vein of his Tone of voice Stealer materials, and contains collaborative produces with Ralph Lawson (the “Droid Funk” EP) and Daz Quayle (beneath the name Scarletron, mainly for Electron Sectors), along with the four-track Il.ek.tro EP, released under his own name by Klang Elektronik in mid-1998. Twelve months afterwards, Il.ek.tro 2 followed. [Discover Also: Tone of voice Stealer]

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Full Name Carl A. Finlow
Music Songs The Silent Years, Machine Bias, Ghetto Server, Megacubed, Entron, Broken Mirror, Count On It, Electrocide, Floating Point, Polygon Girl, Tune In, Carbon Academy, Day Dreamer, Memorandrum, Anomaly, Clone Alone, Unintensional, Hardwired, Evaluation, Ordeal X, Reversal Input, Format Wars, Parallel Array, Nightcrawler, Texture Map, Mr. Machine, Interflection, Circuit Semantics, After the Tone, Chrome Introduction, Undercurrent, Trajectors
Albums The Lure of Perfection, The All Electric House, Machine Bias, Bioroid, Mr. Machine, The Wons Around EP, The Double Packs, Volume 2, Electrocide, Colour Series: Green04 Sampler, Lost In Time, Unreleased, Outlaw, Convergence, Electrilogy +, Tune In (To the System), On the Air EP, Wee Dissolve, Curvature, Nodes, White Void, Orks, Electrilogy, Part 2, Without You, Electromotive Force, Count On It, Format Wars, Ricochet EP, Subterranean EP, Augment, Electrilogy, Part 3, Electrilogy, Part 1

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