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Calhoun Conquer

Briefly active through the past due ’80s, Switzerland’s strangely named Calhoun Conquer performed progressive thrash that drew comparisons to Canadians Voivod and Germany’s Mekong Delta, amongst others. Their debut 1987 EP, AND TODAY You’re Gone, discovered vocalist/guitarist Geri Christian Gerling and bassist Stefan Gerling supported with a drum machine, but 1989’s full-length Shed in Oneself noticed them fleshed out with sibling guitarists Christian and Bruce Muzik. Drummer Peter Haas was also induced board for the intended purpose of live shows, however when Calhoun Conquer disintegrated a short while later, he shifted to utilize, ironically, Mekong Delta and, remarkably, Krokus, as the Muzik brothers resurfaced in Babylon Sad.

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