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C.O.C.O. may be the consequence of two funk-loving roommates, Olivia Ness (vocals, bass) and Chris Sutton (vocals, drums), choosing to generate something new away from their like for the old-school grooves of Sly & the Family members Rock, the Meters, and E.S.G. Sutton acquired recently been playing bass for Dub Narcotic AUDIO SYSTEM for a couple years when he and Ness produced C.O.C.O. in 2000. Ness, on the other hand, had just taught herself to try out bass per year before (and acquired previously place those newfound abilities to make use of in now-defunct regional music group Decoy Decoy). Both instantly became section of a longstanding musical custom in Olympia, WA — no, not only the independent-minded D.We.Y. heart that permeates their state capitol — however the custom from the duo as applied by such K notables as Kicking Large, the Softies, and the necessity. Based on Sutton, C.O.C.O. was “blessed of beats and bloodstream.” He items the beats — particularly the breakbeat — via his polyrhythmic drumming, while Ness provides “everything soulful” via her floor-shaking bass vibrations (“the bloodstream”) and her sensual however feisty vocals. Apart from their many funk affects, C.O.C.O. in addition has claimed as motivation for his or her energetic, stripped-down audio such diverse performers as Can, Speaking Heads, as well as the B-52’s and such styles/labels mainly because Motown, disco, and punk. Their objective is to give a minimalist, organic option to even more digitally focused dance music like techno and electronica. The vocal interplay between Ness, who sings, and Sutton, who talks his lyrics, is definitely similar to Tom Tom Golf club and, recently, Ruler Kong and Contact & Response. (Despite their fascination with reggae and hip-hop, the duo avoids rapping and toasting, generally.) Listen carefully, and you may hear the spirits of such African-influenced, dub-obsessed Brits from the 1970s and 1980s because the Slits, the Pop Group, and PiL. C.O.C.O. quickly founded a unique identification, actually amid among the Northwest’s most lively musical areas. After weeks of cellar jamming, they got their live begin by playing at a residence party, exactly like their heroes the Gories (who actually called their second burst of lo-fi blues-rock, Houserockin’). Their following gig was a little show (of significantly less than ten people) with vocalist/songwriter Dennis Driscoll. Sutton’s DNSS bandmate and K Information co-founder Calvin Johnson simply been within the viewers. He loved what he noticed and asked the duo to record at his Dub Narcotic studio room. Although that they had just played two displays by that time, they made a decision to consider him through to the present and laid their uncooked exuberance down on polish for the entire world to listen to. C.O.C.O. was therefore green at that time, in fact, that certain of the paths had just been written your day before as well as the vocal parts for just two others were created at that moment. Only two days later on, they were completed — and scratching to consider their show on the highway. Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney also loved what she noticed and asked them to become listed on her trio within the eastern part of their fall U.S. tour. Ness and Sutton’s full-length debut, C.O.C.O. premiered soon afterward in Oct 2000. 2 yrs later, the powerful duo returned making use of their even more achieved follow-up, The C.O.C.O. Audio, a tasty mix of angular Au Pairs-styled post-punk and sultry Luscious Jackson-styled alternate pop — brief sonic blasts with primal beats, slinky vocals, and J.B.’s-styled shout-outs for spice. Following a five-year hiatus, C.O.C.O. resurfaced on Sept 11, 2007, with Play Drums + Bass. Once more, Ness and Sutton strike the road to be able to get the physiques moving also to keep carefully the boisterous nature of old-school funk alive.

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