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Bulutsuzluk Özlemi

An enormous influence in Turkish rock and roll music, Bulutsuzluk ?-zlemi is among the initial rings using Turkish lyrics in alternative rock and roll. Unlike numerous rings in the ’80s, Bulutsuzluk ?-zlemi provides were able to survive, because of their quality musicianship, catchy choruses, and undoubtedly the lyrics coping with cultural, political, and cost-effective complications. Unlike some preferred Turkish music artists, Bulutsuzluk ?-zlemi thought we would write about metropolitan life complications. Daily routines, pressure to earn much more and more, insufficient conversation, wars, atomic bombs, and prisons had been all possible designs for the music from the music group. Bulutsuzluk ?-zlemi was produced by mastermind vocalist/guitarist Nejat Yavasogullari and pianist Sina Kologlu in the ’80s. Coskun Sirinkal (bass) and Haci Murat (drums) became a member of both to record an record in 1986 beneath the name Nejat Yavasogullari. Mainly led with the vocals, the record was the initial hint of the way the design of Bulutsuzluk ?-zlemi would be. Once they quickly attempted “Mor” (signifying “crimson”), the name of the record Bulutsuzluk ?-zlemi (signifying loosely “Desiring a Cloudless Sky”) became the name of the music group itself. Afterwards Akin Eldes became a member of the music group to be the long-time guitarist. As all of the lead members from the music group had been occupied with different careers (Yavasogullari functions as an architect, Kologlu like a reporter, and Eldes like a visitor guide), so that it required four a long time up with a fresh recording. Nonetheless it was really worth the wait around. 1990’s Uctu Uctu was a genuine masterpiece. Using the strikes “Tepedeki Cimenlik,” “Beynim Zonkluyor,” “Acil Demokrasi,” and all-time audience favorite “Sozlerimi Geri Alamam,” the record didn’t drop its understand for an individual moment. Presenting the dazzling electric guitar function of Eldes for the very first time, the record includes pop ballads and in addition harder rock and roll. With Demirhan Baylan on drums and Richard Hammer in the sax, the music group documented Gunesimden Kac 2 yrs afterwards, in 1992. Just like the initial two, this third work was written completely by Yavasogullari. With a far more bluesy approach, it guaranteed the area of Bulutsuzluk ?-zlemi in Turkish rock and roll background, although Gunesimden Kac couldn’t keep carefully the power of its forerunner. In 1996 drummer Utku Unal became a member of the music group. The music group documented an unplugged gig and released Turkey’s initial unplugged live record. As the band’s music was intensely constructed with an acoustic audio, Yasamaya Mecbursun showcased the celebrated live show from the music group at its top. In 1998 Sunay Ozgur undertook the bass responsibility. The same year’s Yol, starting with the strike rocker “Yine Dustuk Yollara,” was a far more guitar-oriented record with far more Eastern designs tossed in. As contemporary rock was the primary development in Turkey, and a lot of new bands had been blossoming on the market, Yol experienced an excellent importance for displaying that Bulutsuzluk ?-zlemi was still the ruler from the genre. It had been also the final recording guitarist Akin Eldes documented with the music group. He remaining to go after a solo profession in instrumental jazz albums. After Yol, the music group started to go through a whole lot of lineup adjustments. First, bass participant Oya Erkaya became a member of the music group, later departing her spot to Burak Güven. Another guitarist after Akin Eldes was an area hero playing in regional pubs of Ankara, Suleyman Bagcioglu. In 2001, the much less political Numara premiered. As with the rest of the Bulutsuzluk albums, it had been compiled by Yavasogullari. As though Yavasogullari experienced fallen in like, the recording mostly handled love-oriented problems aswell as the categorization of culture and loneliness. The simple “Request Cok Em virtude de Yok” was the peak stage. The music group parted methods with Suleyman Bagcioglu following the record Numara, and manufacturer/guitarist Serdar Oztop became a member of the music group. In 2004 Bulutsuzluk ?-zlemi released another live record, Bulutsuzluk Senfoni, this time around using a symphony orchestra. An individual named Felluce/Bagdat implemented in 2005 with youthful guitarist Deniz Demiroz. In 2007 Sunay Ozgur came back to bass as well as the music group released the live Compact disc/DVD established Bulutsuzluk 20 Yasinda, celebrating their 20th calendar year in rock and roll music.

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