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Bugger All Stars

The Bugger All Stars were formed in London in 1980. It had been mostly of the rings keeping the beliefs of free of charge improvisation at the same time when this uncommercial genre was most likely at its most unsaleable. Mike Hames (alto saxophone, bass clarinet) asked Hugh Metcalfe, (electric guitar, electronics) to create a music group with him. Metcalfe recommended Jim Lebaigue (drums) and Lebaigue suggested Phil Wachsmann, (violin, consumer electronics, miscellaneous musical instruments). Originally motivated by Eric Dolphy (therefore his selection of musical instruments) and an specialist on Albert Ayler, Hames isn’t a clear follower of either, as well as the music group has more in keeping using the abstract Improvised Music custom of European countries (and, perhaps, using the AACM college of Chicago in its concern for discovering noises and textures instead of melody, tranquility and rhythms) than using the fiery, headlong music from the 60s New Thing. The various other three remain energetic on the improvised music picture but Hames retired from playing in 1986 when he started a degree program.

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